ISO 17024 Accreditation

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ICE is proud to offer programs that currently have NCCA accreditation or are pursuing it to also become accredited to ISO 17024 through a partnership with the International Accreditation Service, Inc. (IAS). Organizations with NCCA accredited programs, or those that wish to apply for dual accreditation at the same time will be able to take advantage of the efficiencies created from the large overlap in the requirements for both standards.  In addition, the online application process will allow for efficient review, reduction of duplication, automated notifications, and synchronization of the renewal cycles. 

To apply for ISO 17024 accreditation, enter the online portal and add the ISO application.  ICE will assist in starting the application and in mapping NCCA application responses into the application.

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Already NCCA Accredited?

Do you have certification programs with current NCCA accreditation and are interested in ISO 17024 accreditation? Take advantage of the efficiencies created with the significant overlap of the requirements of the two standards. The ICE online system is designed to automatically transfers details from the NCCA application that fully or partially satisfy the requirements of ISO 17024. You will have an application in the system if your program was accredited or reaccredited after January of 2013. If your program accreditation was from 2011 or 2012, you will need to fill out a new NCCA application before you start an ISO application.

Not Yet Accredited?

You can pursue NCCA and ISO Accreditation at the same time. ISO and NCCA accreditation will NOT be granted until the complete process is completed. ISO accreditation can also be suspended or put on hold at any time if you choose to pursue only NCCA.