Accreditation Services Council

As introduced at the 2016 ICE Exchange, ICE has created an Accreditation Services Council (the Council) in response to the growth opportunities facing ICE’s accreditation services.

A benefit of belonging to a professional membership organization is the opportunity to serve in a leadership position to positively impact the organization’s growth and direction. The ICE Board of Directors is seeking qualified nominees to fill critical roles on the Accreditation Services Council in staggered terms of 1-3 years. 

Members of the initial Council will be actively involved in developing the Council’s policies. The ideal candidates will have demonstrated the abilities to:

  • think strategically,
  • evaluate existing processes and develop recommendations for improving them,
  • work collaboratively on a team representing diverse viewpoints, and
  • understand ICE’s Accreditation Services components and the challenges they face.

Please click the links below to access the following resources for details on the Accreditation Services Council and its mission:

If you have questions related to the Accreditation Services Council, please contact ICE Staff at