ICE Handbook Chapter 11: Standard Setting

Individual ICE Handbook chapter reprints are now available in electronic format.  Each reprint includes the book cover, foreword, preface, and acknowledgements. Chapter 1 is the NCCA Standards, which is available for free to ICE members and for a purchase of $75.00 for non-members.

Chapter 11 covers standard setting. Its purpose is to describe "best practice" guidelines available for setting performance standards, to review the numerous methodologies that are available to certification bodies to set performance standards for their certification programs, to compare the available methodologies to methods being used in practice by NCCA accredited programs, and to provide additional guidance and suggestions about standard setting. This chapter will use the terminology "performance standard" to refer to the cut score required on a certification examination as evidence that the examinee has performed sufficiently well to meet the standard(s) for certification.

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