REC17 ICE Exchange: 2017 ICE Exchange Taste of Conference

REC17 Create a Digital Presence to Market Your Certification

WEBLIVE18 Social Media Strategy: How to Connect with Certificants and the General Public through Social Platforms

CEOWEBLIVE18 Marketing the Value of Your Certification

WEBLIVE18 Promoting Credentialing of Military Service Members: Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) Programs

CEOWEB17 Intellectual Property

RSRCH12 Value of Certification Toolkit

REC13 ICE Exchange Full Conference Recordings

REC13 ICE Exchange Administration & Governance for Certification Programs Recordings

REC13 ICE Exchange Testing for Certification Programs Recordings

CEOWEB14 Non-Exam Revenue: Generating & Harvesting Growth Opportunities

Advanced Topics in Certification: Credentialing Marketing for Non-Marketing Professionals Module

WEB14 HR Sees Value Differently

WP15 Value of Certification: An Exploration of Concept and Research Process

RSRCH15 Digital Badge Report

REC15 ICE Exchange Taste of Conference (8 sessions)

REC15 ICE Exchange: Re-Defining the Value of Certification

WEB16 Beyond Certification: Engaging Your Certificants

CEOWEB15 Protecting the Brand of Your Credential & Organization in the Marketplace

REC16 ICE Exchange: Marketing Tools, Tactics and Data to Connect with Your Audience

REC16 ICE Exchange:2016 ICE Exchange Taste of Conference Bundle

CEOWEB17 Leveraging ISO/NCCA Accreditation as a Marketing Tool

CEOWEB17 Digital Badging: A Strategic Perspective