UPDATE 5/30/18

Many thanks to those who attended our April 3 interest meeting.  Three subgroups have been formed to begin working on draft revisions to the ICE 1100 Standard:  Instructional Design, Psychometrics and Administrative.  Their recommendations will be considered by the Main Committee.  The first Main Committee meeting will be held on Thursday, June 28 from 11:00 am – noon ET.  Inquiries on this process should be sent to

ICE Seeks Participants for Revision of ICE 1100 American National Standard for Assessment-Based Certificate Programs

ICE is the developer of the American National Standard, ANSI/NOCA 1100-2009, Assessment Based Certificate Programs. An assessment-based certificate program is a non-degree granting program that: a) provides instruction and training to aid participants in acquiring specific knowledge, skills, and/or competencies associated with intended learning outcomes; b) evaluates participants’ accomplishment of the intended learning outcomes; and c) awards a certificate only to those participants who meet the performance, proficiency, or passing standard for the assessment(s).  ICE currently accredits such programs to this Standard through its Assessment-based Certificate Accreditation Program (ACAP).

ICE has announced the initiation of a project to revise and rename this Standard (BSR/ICE 1100-201x).  We are soliciting individuals to serve on the consensus committee that will be responsible for the revision of the standard and for providing due-process for all comments received during the public review process, as well as individuals to serve in other contributory roles.

Membership on the committee is open to all individuals directly and materially impacted by the scope of the standard as long as a balance of representation is provided for the various interest categories. Interested parties may include:

  1. Education and training organizations who develop such programs
  2. Users of such programs, such as employers and consumers (participants), and accrediting bodies
  3. Governmental agencies
  4. Individuals with general interest in the topic, such as consultants, trainers and others who provide related services

An organization can only have one voting representative on the consensus committee. However, there are other committees and roles where additional participants will be welcome to join. To submit your name to learn more about and potentially participate in the process, please contact ICE staff at

An interest meeting has been scheduled for April 3rd at 10am - 11:30 am ET. There will be a live meeting at ICE headquarters in Washington, DC with teleconferencing capabilities to allow for wide geographic participation.  During this meeting we will provide an overview of the current Standard as well as the Defining Features of Assessment-Based Certificate Programs and discuss the scope of the project, the revision process, and the various opportunities to be involved.  At the conclusion of the meeting you will be able to indicate your preferences for further participation.

Please feel free to notify others that you believe would have an interest in this project.