Update on Louisiana House Bills 748 and 378

Update 5/16: The Louisiana Senate passed the revised version of HB 748. The Senate adopted an amendment requiring that the information gathered during the Governor's review of occupational licensing laws will be made public. HB 748, as amended, has now been sent back to the House for another vote.

HB 372 remains on the Senate’s “Subject to Call List,” which means it can be brought up at any time.

About a month ago, the Louisiana House of Delegates passed Louisiana House Bill 748, which banned the use of the term “certification” issued from professional credentialing bodies unless such certification is used in conjunction with licensure. ICE is now pleased to inform you that Louisiana House Bill 748 has been amended to address the concerns of the credentialing community! The concerning language regarding the use of the term “certified” was deleted entirely by amendment, and a subsequent amendment then deleted most of the bill. That amendment was adopted and now leaves us with a bill that reads as follows:

Pursuant to the authority in this Chapter, the governor shall review on an annual basis not less than twenty percent of the agencies engaged in regulatory and licensing activities.  Within five years, the governor shall have reviewed all such agencies.

In addition, a related bill, HB 378 has been amended to remove all references to the term “certification,” other than to say that “nothing shall be construed to restrict a licensing board from requiring, as a condition of licensure or renewal of licensure, obtaining/maintaining credentials from an organization that credentials individuals in the relevant occupation, field, or industry.”

Join the Coalition

We would like to thank our members as well as other organizations in our industry who collaborated in the rapid mobilization of a coalition and made a difference!  ICE and our partners at Pillsbury will continue to keep you informed of any new developments as these amended bills move forward to the Louisiana Senate. Contact Craig Saperstein at for additional information about the Coalition to keep informed of future developments.