Call for Authors

Certification: The ICE Handbook 3rd Edition

ICE is seeking applications for authors to write chapters in the ICE Handbook 3rd Edition.

The ICE Handbook serves as a helpful reference for the staff and volunteer leadership of organizations that offer professional certification programs. The Handbook articulates principles, practices, and other considerations with due attention to NCCA standards, law and regulation, the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, and other reference points as they pertain to various aspects of certification. The second edition of the Handbook was designed to provide a basic level of understanding to all parties of interest on the key elements required to ensure that a certification program meets at least the minimum level of quality associated with the best practices of the industry. The third edition should be no different, although much has happened in the years since 2009, and the Handbook should account for these events and developing trends.

Handbook authors will be chosen over the summer. If selected, authors will be expected to execute a contract with ICE within 15 days of notification and submit a first draft within 30 days. The handbook editor will conduct two rounds of edits. Chapter authors are not monetarily compensated for their work. However, engaging with the ICE community as a chapter author is a mark of distinction and recognizes an individual’s contribution to the thought leadership on certification.

Table of Contents

For your reference, below are links to the first, second and third edition handbook table of contents:

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria upon which the Handbook Editor and ICE management will choose the chapter authors include:

1) Strong writing skills
2) Relevant experience in the selected topic
3) ICE Membership or an employee of an ICE member in good standing

Application Process

If you are interested in writing a chapter listed within the table of contents, please submit this application form along with a curriculum vitae to by June 15, 2018.