Institute for Credentialing Excellence

Micro-Volunteering Opportunities

Staff Liaison: Tara Mohammed

Micro-volunteering is a new concept that allows you to volunteer for specific projects without the year-round commitment or conference calls.

  • Online Community Curators – Volunteer for one month to help the flow of discussions and questions within I.C.E.’s online communities.
  • Educational Micro-learning ContributorsI.C.E. relies on the credentialing field to develop timely and relevant educational resources. Volunteers will be invited periodically to develop or review online content based on your areas of expertise.
  • Marketing Focus Groups – I.C.E. is always interested in member perspective on a variety of topics or proposed products/programs. Volunteering to serve in our focus groups would require attendance in periodic calls or meetings at I.C.E. Exchange.
  • Social Media Ambassadors – I.C.E. can be in all places at all times. We could use some assistance in monitoring social media channels for topics related to credentialing.
  • I.C.E. Exchange Conference Volunteering – The I.C.E. Exchange continues to grow in attendance and content. We could use some assistance in a variety of tasks onsite during the 3.5 days of the conference.


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