Institute for Credentialing Excellence

Publications & Editorial Committee

Co-Chair:  Mihaiela R. Gugiu, PhD, National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians

Co-Chair:  Robert C. Shaw, PhD, The National Board for Respiratory Care

Staff LiaisonKristin Frankiewicz Monica Roselli

Meetings: Quarterly full committee conference calls. Review Panels will meet as needed. Two-year time commitment requested.


  • Identify relevant topics (beats), authors and interviewees to be published on the I.C.E. content hub, Credentialing Insights
  • Assist with author recruitment and review of content pipeline. Editorial committee members are not required to write articles but are welcome to do so if writing is an interest
  • Review current publications for relevancy, timeliness, etc.
  • Survey the members on potential topics, if applicable
  • Solicit & review I.C.E. white paper proposals and select proposals for drafting
  • Review and edit white papers in peer review panels
  • Promote completed white papers
  • Make recommendations to I.C.E. for development of new publications and podcasts, as needed

2021 Members:

  • Amanda Wolkowitz, PhD., Alpine Testing Solutions, Inc.
  • Bruce Hammond, CAE, Hospice Medical Director Certification Board
  • Ben Babcock, PhD, American Registry of Radiologic Technologists
  • Colin Biddle, Construction Manager Certification Institute
  • Elisa Kahn, PMP, American Management Association
  • Hanna Aronovich, Dental Assisting National Board
  • Jaime Kavanaugh, MSEd, ACS Ventures
  • Janice Moore, SeaCrest Consulting
  • Jeff Kelley, PhD, Alpine Testing Solutions
  • Sarah Pauling, Examity
  • Sheila Mauldin, MNM, NCCPA
  • Steven Garner, PMP, CA-NV Section of the American Water Works Association
  • Tina Riner, Pearson VUE
  • Tiffany McCabe, Prometric


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