A Roadmap to Strategic Success: Developing Your Profession’s Career Pathway

Denise Roosendaal, ICE’s executive director, and Kevin Hurley, ICE’s marketing director, will present at the upcoming ASAE Virtual Annual Meeting & Exposition.

Using ICE as a case study, they discuss the planning and research required to develop a career pathway journey map; how to use a pathway to enhance understanding of a profession; how to develop tools and resources to meet members’ needs; and how to market the value of a career path.

Credentialing Career Pathway

Last year, ICE embarked on a career pathway (or journey mapping) project to identify how credentialing professionals arrived at their current role, what skills they needed to get there and where they envision going in the future.

The career pathway is an example of a journey map: an easy-to-understand graphic that is used to convey complex information. The project examined data, and while not a traditional job task analysis, it enabled ICE to craft six career pathways and convey them visually.

As part of the project, ICE developed the Credentialing Career Paths and Competency Matrix as a tool for hiring professionals, or for individual use to support one’s career growth and development.

The Career Pathway Personas highlight example roles, paths to move upward or laterally in a credentialing career, and how to apply skills from other fields and industries to credentialing.

The project also provided insight into existing skills gaps. As a result, ICE can examine where and how it can fill those gaps with specialized training and education.

ICE continues to gather feedback about how its members and industry professionals are using the pathway for their own career planning and for their staff members’ professional development.

 A special thank you to the ICE Career Pathways Task Force, who helped bring the credentialing career pathways to life. Kudos to Pam Weber, CAE, COO of IBLCEE and member lead on this project, along with Anjali Weber of Amazon Web Services and Rebecca Hastings, MS, SPHR, PHRca, of  Hastings Program Services, LLC, who did an incredible amount of work on the project. Thanks as well to Doug Weinbaum, ICE staff project lead. 

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