TERM20 I.C.E. Basic Guide to Credentialing Terminology (2nd Edition)

The intent of this document is to clarify terms that are used in relation to programs that grant formal recognition to individuals or entities during the credentialing process. Credentialing is an umbrella term that includes the concepts of accreditation, licensure, registration, professional certification, and education (e.g., certificate programs).

Resources consulted during the creation of this guide include:

  • I.C.E. (2006). Basic guide to credentialing terminology.
  • I.C.E. (2016). National Commission for Certifying Agencies standards for the accreditation of certification programs. 
  • Durley, C. C. (2005). I.C.E. guide to understanding credentialing concepts. 
  • ASTM International. (2018). Standard terminology for accreditation and certification (ASTM E 2708-18a). 
  • International Organization for Standardization. (2014). Conformity assessment—Vocabulary related to competence of persons used for certification of persons (ISO/IEC Standard No. 17027).

Terminology Task Force Members:

  • Michael Clark, CAE (Chair)
  • Cindy Durley, MEd, MBA
  • Lawrence Fabrey, PhD
  • Wallace Judd, PhD
  • Felicia Lembesis, CAE
  • Jan Robinson
  • Tony Zara, PhD

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