A Conversation on International Expansion of Credentialing Organizations and Associations

Editor’s Note: This recording took place in the fall of 2019 before the coronavirus pandemic. ICE understands that the conversation surrounding international expansion, especially in the wake of COVID-19, will continue to evolve and impact the future of how credentialing organizations and associations operate globally. 

For credentialing organizations considering international expansion, there are a number of factors to consider. Can your business model support this expansion? What is the market for credentialing like in the countries you’re seeking to expand into?

What follows is a conversation between Terrance Barkan CAE, founder and chief strategist at GLOBALSTRAT, and Margaret (Misty) Bloom, Esq., director of regulatory affairs and chief legal counsel to the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

Terrance has more than 25 years consulting in global activities and is the author of "Global Growth Strategies: The International Association," a well-regarded reference document used by hundreds of association board and staff members to prepare for international strategic discussions.

In this interview, Terrance shares his expertise, insights and strategies for credentialing organizations considering or already engaged in international and global expansion of a US-based certification program.

*Disclaimer: Ms. Bloom’s participation in this interview does not represent, infer, or create an attorney-client relationship with the listeners. Ms. Bloom’s statements are made in her individual capacity and are not representative of the official positions of ICE, the BACB, or any other organization.

Additional Resources from ICE

ICE has launched a toolkit devoted to those seeking to expand their credentialing program internationally and those wishing to evaluate their international activities. The bundle includes the following:

  • A case study highlighting how one credentialing organization successfully embraced and strategically implemented an international expansion.
  • Recorded webinars address what to expect during international expansion, what the most important aspects and challenges of operating a credentialing program across borders entails and more!
  • An ICE Research report that explores interest in international expansion among ICE members, along with expansion recommendations and considerations.

In addition to the resources listed above, ICE offers an online course designed for strategic decision-makers who are considering expanding their certification program internationally or wish to evaluate their current international presence. This course provides tools and resources credentialing organizations need to make thoughtful decisions on whether or not to expand internationally or globally. The course also provides guidance on how to execute an expansion plan.

ICE will continue to develop resources that address expanding certification programs. Additional resources will be uploaded to the toolkit once available.

For additional information, please email

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