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Accreditation Resources drop down arow.png

Accreditation Resources
Assessment-Based Certificate Programs: Why They May Be Preferable to Certification (c) 2014 Brian Bontempo, PhD
Michelle Nolin, CPLP
3-Part Series: Assessment-Based Certificate Programs: Why They May Be Preferable to Certification, Instructional Design Principles I, and Instructional Design Principles II (c) 2014 Brian Bontempo, PhD
Michelle Nolin, CPLP
Common Pitfalls in Applying for NCCA Accreditation (c) 2017 Donald A. Balasa, JD, MBA
James Fidler, PhDTodd Galati
Engaging Your Board in the NCCA Accreditation Process (c) 2016 CEO Connect  Sara Blair Lake, JD, CAE
Isabelle Gonthier, PhD

Business of Certification drop down arow.png

Business of Certification
Broadening Your Horizons: Theory & Mechanics of Going International (c) 2014 CEO Connect Sara Blair Lake, J.D., CAE
Cary List, CA, CFP
Building Championship Caliber Board Teams (c) 2015 CEO Connect Denise Fandel, MBA, CAE
Critical Communications to Applicants and Certificants: Legal Considerations (c) 2016

Jeff Glassie, Esq.
Chad Buckendahl, PhD

Communicating with Security in Mind (c) 2016

Chuck Friedman, PhD
Jennifer Semko, JD
O'Neal Hampton

Developing a Certification Program - What You Really Need to Know (c) 2013 Christine Niero, PhD
Effective Metrics for Certification Organizations 
(c) 2015 CEO Connect
Roger Brauer, PhD, PE 
Finding Needles in Haystacks of Data: How to Use Your Data (c) 2016 CEO Connect  Denise Fandel, MBA, CAE
How To Reap the Most Benefits from Insourcing and Outsourcing (c) 2015 CEO Connect Sierra Hampton-Simmons, PMI
Nathalie Collautt, PMI  
Intellectual Property
(c) 2017 CEO Connect
George Mentz, JD, MBA, CWM
International Expansion: A Strategic Approach
(c) 2015 CEO Connect
Dania Eter, MBA
Vikas Wadhwani
Legal Implications of Governance, Conflicts, and Ethics for Certification Boards (c) 2013 Jefferson Glassie
Non-exam Revenue: Generating & Harvesting Growth Opportunities (c) 2014 CEO Connect Rory E McCorkle, PhD
Shannon Carter, CAE
Problem Solving by Case Study (c) 2016 CEO Connect
Kevin Keller, CAE
Cary List, CPA, CA, CFP
Mary Power, FASAE, CAE, CMP
RFPs: What To Know and How ICE Can Help (c) 2016 William Ellis, MS, RPh
Understanding the Role and Richness of the Public Member (c) 2014
Denise Fandel, MBA, CAE
Michael Klug, JD
David Swankin
Volunteering Today: Motivations, Expectations, Relevant Trends (c) 2015 Katherine Cambell, CVA
Bundled Pack: Governance and Operations 

This bundled package includes the following archived webinar recordings:
Beyond Certification Exams: Diversifying Revenue (c) 2010; CEO Evaluation (c) 2009; Minutes, Electronic Voting, and
Other Board Meeting Matters (c) 2010; Recruiting, Recognizing, Rewarding, and Retaining Your Volunteers (c) 2009.

Continuing Competencedrop down arow.png

Continuing Competence
Best Practices in Recertification & Continuing Competence (c) 2015 James P. Henderson, PhD
Continued Competence Is Critical (c) 2013 The National Board of Certification & Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists
Evaluating Your Continuing Competence Program (c) 2014 CEO Connect Christopher Butcher
Marnie Lofsky
Christine Reidy, RD
Leanne Worsfold

Credentialing Trends drop down arow.png

Credentialing Trends
Certificate or Certification: What's the Difference? (c) 2017 Michelle Nolin, CPLP
Mary Rehm
Manfred Straehle, PhD, GISF
Digital Badging: A Strategic Perspective (c) 2017 CEO Connect  Lenora Knapp, PhD
Remote Online Proctoring (c) 2016 John Wickett, PhD
Isabelle Gonthier, PhD
Liberty Munson, PhD
What About Microcredentialing? (c) 2016 Mickie S. Rops, MAEd, CAE

Testing drop down arow.png

Accessibility Concerns: How ADA Has Evolved and How It Affects You (c) 2015 Julia E. Judish
Concepts for an Improved Job Analysis (c) 2014 Deborah Ford, PhD
Robert Ployhart, PhD
Create & Implement Solid Exam Development Plans (c) 2013 National Association of Medical Staff Services
Creating and Maintaining a Test Security Plan (c) 2016 Benjamin Hunter
Jennifer Geraets
Critical Psychometric Concepts for Credentialing Personnel (c) 2015 Lynn Webb, EdD
Exam Results & Score Reports: Do's and Don'ts 
(c) 2015
Brian Bontempo, PhD
How Job Task Analysis Informs Test Blueprint Development (c) 2015 Julie Miles, PhD
How To Use Job Analysis To Help Inform Your Standard Setting Process (c) 2015 Donald Truxillo
Innovative Item Types (c) 2017 Timothy Muckle, PhD
Patricia Young, MA
Vikas Wadhwani
Item Writer Development: Training Volunteer Writers (c) 2017 Beth Kalinowski, MBA, SPHR
Key Considerations: In-Person Versus Virtual Item Development (c) 2015 Sarah Pauly Hughes
Technical Reports: What Should Be Included & How to Interpret Them (c) 2016 Susan Davis-Becker, PhD
Amin Saiar, PhD
Test Security: An Approach to Identify and Fight Disclosure of Exam Content on the Internet (c) 2014 Heather Mullen
Aimée Rhodes, JD

Bundled Pack: Testing

This bundled package includes the following archived webinar recordings: Alternative Item Types (c) 2010; MCQ: The Fifteen Fatal Flaws (c) 2009; Strategies to Enhance Test Security (c) 2010, and Test Security Enforcement Strategies (c) 2010.

Marketing drop down arow.png

Beyond Certification: Engaging Your Certifcants (c) 2016 Pecanne Eby, MBA
Dipping Our Toes into Unchartered Waters: Using Web 2.0 to Market Certifications (c) 2013 Rebecca Anderson
Melissa Rehrig
Five Tips for Marketing Your Certification (c) 2017 Jason Gudenius
How to Work with Licensing Boards in Your State (c) 2014 James Carr, PhD, BCBA-D
Margaret "Misty" Bloom, Esq.
HR Sees Value Differently: Panel Discussion (c) 2014 Linda Anguish, SPHR, GPHR
Sharifa Gomez, PHR
Linda Haft, SPHR, CCP
Martie Sparks, CMP
Leveraging ISO/NCCA Accreditation as a Marketing Tool (c) 2017 CEO Connect  Cynthia Allen
Media Relations 101: Is Your Organization Prepared? (c) 2014 Erin Hlasneyn
Protecting the Brand of Your Credential & Organization 
in the Marketplace
 (c) 2015 CEO Connect
Rory McCorkle, PhD
Steven Peluso, Esq