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The Credentialing Community

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Come join our active community of members interested in all aspects of credentialing! Members benefit from a wide variety of offerings that are continually expanding, including:

  • A members-only online community with unique discussion forums, file libraries, and calendars
  • Personal profiles with your specific interests and preferences so that you may connect with others with common interests or be found yourself!
  • Discounted registration for the Annual Conference, workshops, and on-demand webcasts
  • Discounts on ICE publications
  • Discounted NCCA and ACAP Accreditation Application fee
  • Updates on important issues in certification, licensure, testing and competency assurance
  • Policy/Template Library
  • Online Library of Credentialing Industry Research
  • Discounts on exhibits and exclusive sponsorship opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities to participate in ICE projects and committees to form a network of credentialing industry professionals, learn about the newest trends in the industry, and create member services you most want
  • ICE Membership digital badges
  • And more!

Learn more about what your organization stands to gain from ICE membership: this narrated PowerPoint provides an overview of ICE's resources and educational opportunities, along with guidance on how to navigate to these resources on our website. Please note: this file may take a moment to download.

Membership Categories

ICE membership is primarily offered at the organizational level, and our members are divided into three categories. Email or call (202) 367-1165 to discuss specific benefits and which membership type is best for you. Or, use the links on this page to join online!

Please note that ICE's membership cycle is based on a calendar year. Therefore, organizations that join mid-year will pay the full membership fee up front and then will be invoiced in November/December with a reduced, pro-rated amount for the following year.

Organizational Members: credentialing bodies. Examples of members who may join under this category include employees of Associations, Certifying Organizations, Consumer Groups, and Government Agencies. $810 per year.

Join ICE as an Organizational Member

Sustaining Members: service or product providers of credentialing organizations. Examples of members who may join under this category include employees of Testing Companies, Consulting Firms, Publishing Companies, Public Relations and Marketing Companies and others. $3,270 per year.

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Affiliate Members: limited service providers of credentialing organizations. Examples of members who may join under this category include self-employed consultants, lawyers, accountants, psychometricians, education and seminar providers. $1,595 per year.

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Individual Members are those individuals interested in the field of competency assurance, who do not meet the definition of any of the preceding categories. Such individuals may include students, teachers, human resource managers of non-credentialing organizations, and public advocates. Individual members do not have voting privileges and cannot hold elected offices.
$395 per year.

If you believe you fit into this
category, please contact ICE
to confirm your eligibility.

Important Note About ICE Membership

An organization may join ICE at any time whether or not it has any programs accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Although ICE supports the NCCA accreditation program, ICE does not require its members to have their programs accredited. ICE is a membership organization serving the entire credentialing community.

Non-Member Registration

Non-Member Organizations: If your organization is interested in the credentialing industry, you may register as a non-member organization in order to receive email updates. Organizations that are not members but which plan to apply for NCCA accreditation of one or more of its certification programs may also use this option to create a group account. Non-member registration does not entitle your organization to membership services or benefits, but you may join ICE as a member at a later date. 

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Non-Member Individuals: If you are interested in receiving email updates about ICE and the credentialing community you may create a non-member account for yourself. This account will allow you to make store purchases, participate in the ICE Academy, and register for upcoming ICE events.  You may join ICE as a member at a later date.

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