Thank you ICE Volunteers!

ICE expresses gratitude for all of our volunteer leaders including, the Board of Directors, NCCA Commission, ACAP CouncilASC Council and all of our Committee Members. Our volunteers play a critical role in ICE’s mission of advancing credentialing by offering your time and expertise.
Getting involved in ICE  brings even greater value to your membership experience. Through your volunteer role with ICE, you gain a fresh perspective, increase your industry experience, and nurture deeper connections with knowledgeable industry peers.Getting involved is easier than ever. The commitments are designed to be less taxing and more rewarding. Find out what involvement opportunity makes the most sense for your background, interests, and expertise.The 2020 volunteer recruitment process begins in October 2019.
Below are each of our volunteer committees & task forces including charges. For a complete list of our 2019 Committee Members click here.
Annual Conference Program Committee
  • Solicit and review proposals for 2012 ICE Annual Conference
  • Review timeline and special events and make recommendations to the Board
  • Determine possible speakers, including keynotes for the 2012 ICE Annual Conference
  • Introduce speakers and monitor break-out sessions at 2012 ICE Annual Conference
  • Determine theme for the ICE Annual Conference
  • Identify roundtable topics and serve as facilitators  
  • Utilize social media
    (ICE Exchange conference registration is waived for Program Committee members during their maximum two years of service on this committee.)

    Editorial Advisory Committee

    • Identify relevant topics, authors and interviewees to be published on the ICE content hub,
      Credentialing Insights
    • Assist with author recruitment and review of monthly online content. Editorial committee
      members are not required to write articles but are welcome to do so if writing is an interest

    The Editorial Advisory and Publication Committee are combining forces for their ongoing, monthly calls for the purpose of identifying topics and authors but will continue to have separate deliverables.

    Education Committee


    •  Develop content and solicit speakers for ICE Academy offerings for 12-14 webinars for a variety
      of audience levels
    •  Act as moderators on each of the webinars
    • Research and make recommendations to ICE management regarding new education opportunities
    • Introduce speakers and monitor break-out sessions at ICE Exchange, as needed

    Career Pathway and Emerging Leaders Task Force

    • To analyze the various roles for all staff within a credentialing organization and support the, as they continue to grow in their career. 
    • To analyze the current pathways to ICE leadership and ways to identify/recognize up-and-coming leadership potential within the ICE community. 

    External Stakeholder Resource Development Working Group

    • Determine consumers' needs (information, research, resources) in making informed decisions on certification.
    • Assist in the planning, drafting, and/or implementation of consumer resources that credentialing organizations might need to articulate value of certifications to stakeholders.
    • Discuss ways that social media and digital badging might assist in the communication about value to stakeholders.
    Government Affairs Committee
    • Respond to federal and state legislative matters affecting the credentialing community

    International Credentialing Task Force

    • Determine needs of the credentialing community around international expansion
    • Develop tools for the members to enhance knowledge around entry into international markets. 

    Membership Outreach Committee

    • Make retention calls to non-renewing members, monitoring and reporting to ICE Management reasons why past members fail to renew.
    • Welcome new members to ICE and spread awareness of ICE membership benefits.

    Public Member Resource Development Working Group

    • To offer public members an opportunity to network and collaborate on needed resources to support their role in credentialing organizations. 
    Publications Committee
    • Review current publications for relevancy, timeliness, etc. as needed
    • Survey the members on potential topics, if applicable
    • Solicit & review ICE white paper proposals and select proposals for drafting
    • Review and edit white papers in peer review panels
    • Promote completed white papers
    • Make recommendations to the ICE Management for development of new publications as needed

    The Publication and  Editorial Advisory Committee are combining forces for their ongoing, monthly calls for the purpose of identifying topics and authors but will continue to have separate deliverables.

    Research and Development Committee

    • Conduct benchmarking surveys and publish research products on selected topics.

    • Maintain ICE Online Resource Library

    • Analyze industry trends and conduct literature reviews

    Research and Development Fundraising Committee

    • Raise funds for the annual Research & Development Program for ICE.