Critical Psychometric Concepts for Credentialing Personnel

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Lynn Webb, EdD

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Do you find yourself smiling vacantly at conferences while everyone around you debates enthusiastically about how many panelists are required for a passing score study? Have you ever wondered why you can’t just write the certification exam for your agency while sitting next to the fire, petting your dog? Do you know why psychometricians use so many acronyms? It’s time to be In The Know!  Lynn Webb, EdD will have you speaking like a psychometric nerd in just one hour’s time.  Join her as she divulges secret phrases and meanings. Dr. Webb’s favorite parts of the test development cycle will be highlighted in the web meeting.

Critical Questions Discussed

  • Are all psychometric concepts critical?
  • Is there really a test development cycle?
  • Is it necessary to do a job analysis if an agency already has a test?
  • Do the test specifications have to be related to the job analysis?
  • What’s so great about an item writing workshop?
  • How many test forms are enough?
  • Can Angoff be used as verb?
  • Why do examinees want scores so quickly?
  • If agencies provide more information in the score report, will candidate calls decrease?

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About the Presenter

Lynn Webb

Lynn C. Webb, Ed.D. is a testing consultant who motivates agencies and Subject Matter Expert committees to excellent measurement. As an independent consultant she has worked with over 50 agencies on professional assessment issues such as job analysis, test specifications, item writing and review, test assembly, standard setting, scoring, reporting, and preparing for accreditation.  Before spreading her wings as an independent consultant, Dr. Webb held senior staff positions at the American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology, the National Board of Medical Examiners, ETS, and ACT.  Her hobbies are validity, reliability, and fairness.