Protecting the Brand of Your Credential & Organization in the Marketplace

About This Webinar

Rory McCorkle, PhD
PSI Services LLC

Steven Peluso, Esq.
Attorney at Law

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In the world of credentialing, stakeholders obtain information about a credential from a variety of sources.  Certification bodies must be vigilant in preventing misinformation about their brands entering the marketplace.  Communication channels must be developed to provide proper brand messaging.  This session will discuss a multi-tiered approach to identifying and responding to threats to the organization’s good name in the marketplace, and to proactively providing information to decrease the risk of issues occurring in the future that will negatively impact the organization’s brand.

Critical Concepts Discussed

1. Legal Protections for the Brand

  • trademarks, service marks, and certification marks
  • false advertising and deceptive trade practices
  • commercial disparagement

2. Identifying threats

  • methods to find misinformation (e.g., Google Alerts, social network management, candidate surveys)
  • differentiating between perceived credible sources (e.g., endorsed training providers, local chapters of membership organization) and other, less credible sources

3. Responding to Threats

  • responding to misinformation (e.g., working through volunteer advocates, redirecting to organization issued information)
  • taking action with sources under organizational control/influence
  • legal action – when is this required? Progression from cease and desist to further action.

4. Proactively Addressing Brand Threats

  • transparency
  • providing communication ‘kits’ to organizational channels (e.g., training providers, local chapters)
  • providing tools for existing credential holders to communicate


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