Key Considerations: In-Person Versus Virtual Item Development

About This Webinar

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Sarah Pauly Hughes
Test Development Professional, Alpine Testing Solutions 

As you assemble your team of item writers, you will need to determine the secure process by which they will write, review, edit, and select test questions. Some credentialing programs host in-person item writing workshops while others choose to meet virtually. During this webinar, participants will consider the pros and cons of each setting, and they will identify programmatic considerations (goals, budget, resources, etc.) that should factor in to the decision to develop test items in-person or in the virtual environment. 

Webinar Learning Objectives

  • to list the pros and cons of a virtual item writing workshop versus an in-person workshop
  • to identify the advantages and disadvantages of using online tools during item writing workshops
  • to assess program needs to determine if a virtual or an in-person item writing workshop is the the most appropriate

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About the Presenter

Sarah joins the Alpine Testing Solutions team with 15 years of experience facilitating diverse groups of people. She is responsible for assisting clients with test development and validation activities including job analysis, item writing, item review, and standard setting. As an instructor Sarah has taught a wide range of humanities courses, and has earned her certification in Adolescent Young Adult Social Studies History from the National Board for Professional Testing Standards. She received her Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of Northern Arizona. She lives with her husband and children in Saugus, California.
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