What About Microcredentialing? 

About This Webinar

Mickie S. Rops, MAEd, CAE
President and CEO, Mickie S. Rops Consulting LLC

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There’s a lot of buzz about microcredentials, but what are they? Are they used for certification or education? How are they different from traditionally offered credentials? Is a digital badge a microcredential? Why should we consider offering them? What's involved in developing and granting them? Those questions and more will be addressed in this session lead by Mickie Rops, MAEd, CAE, an experienced and trusted advisor in education and credentialing.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe key workplace changes impacting credentialing
  • Define microcredentials and digital badges
  • Describe the value of microcredentialing
  • List steps in microcredential development

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About the Presenter

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As president and principal consulting of Mickie Rops Consulting LLC, Mickie helps organizations make the right credentialing decisions. Much of her consulting work is in educating organizations on credentialing options and guiding them in the decision as to which credentialing program, if any, is the right fit for the challenges they face. She also conducts audits of full programs or program components to make recommendations for improvement, and customizes governance and management systems and policies for credentialing organizations.

Mickie has had first-hand experience as a credentialing staff executive, applicant and board member, combined with almost two decades of consulting with credentialing agencies of all sizes and across industry segments. Mickie speaks and writes frequently on credentialing matters. ASAE has published her staff and board member reference guide Certification Simplified and her certification chapter in Core Competencies in Professional Development, which is on ASAE's Authoritative Literature List. These and other valuable resources can be found on her website