Finding Needles in Haystacks of Data: How to Use Your Data 

About This Webinar

Denise Fandel, MBA, CAE
Executive Director, National Athletic Trainers' Association Board of Certification 

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Organizations and indidivuals have access to more data than most know what to do with. How does an organization determine what data is important? How can you communicate this data to the individuals who need to see it in a way that makes sense to my board? Staff? Customers? Should we use dashboards, inforgraphics, charts, or other presentation methods?

This webinar will share examples that are being used by colleagues in the credentialing and business communities. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate dashboard used to communicate key data and success metrics with your board
  • Analyze database and application processes to determine opportunities to enhance data collection 
  • Illustrate methods to identify and monitor success throughout your application and renewal windows
  • Demonstrate tools to tie operational reports to financial reports 

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About the Presenter

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Denise is the Executive Director of the Board of Certification, Inc. for the Athletic Trainer (BOC) a position she has held since she was hired by the BOC in 1997 to establish a national headquarters and full-time staff. Throughout her almost 30 year professional career she has served a volunteer in local, state and national organizations. In athletic training and credentialing she has experience as both a chief elected officer and chief staff officer.

Denise served on the National Commission for Certifying Agencies from 2004-2010 where she served as Chair from 2007-2010. She also served on the ICE Board of Directors from 2008-2015 and in the capacity of ICE Board Chair in 2013.