Maintenance of Certification Legislation

The Institute for Credentialing Excellence has been monitoring activities at the national level aimed to reduce the burden of licensure, and at the state level seeking to prevent regulatory or legislative mandates that prohibit participation in maintenance of certification-type programs.

The NCCA Standards currently require a maintenance, or renewal, process for all accredited programs. ICE is interested in hearing from its members regarding whether the national/state activities concerning certification maintenance/renewal are of importance or concern to its members.

Approximately a dozen states have either passed or are considering legislation that would prohibit maintenance of certification requirements for licensure for physicians/physician specialties occupations. While currently limited to physicians, ICE is monitoring these developments through the Government Affairs Committee to determine whether more states propose this kind of legislation or expand it to other occupations.  

Proposed legislation from the various states:

Kentucky SB 17

Missouri HB 1816

Oklahoma SB 1148

North Carolina HB 728

Michigan HB 5090 & Michigan HB 5091

Michigan SB 608 & Michigan SB 609

Right To Safe Care Coalition*Map courtesy of the American Board of Medical Specialties

The Right to Safe Care Coalition is forming to educate stakeholders about the importance of effective lifelong learning programs in the healthcare occupation. 

Learn more about the Right to Safe Care Coalition and how it is defending high quality healthcare. 

What do you think?

ICE wants to hear from you on this issue. How does this type of legislation impact you? Do you see this as isolated to the medical certifications or could it grow to other professions? Please respond to this very short survey about this legislation and potential impact on your organization: Maintenance of Certification Survey.

2017 ICE Town Hall Update

View the 2017 Town Hall and access the presentation*

ICE hosted a town hall September 2017 to discuss the activities around the maintenance of certification issue. ICE has been involved with the Right to Safe Care Coalition (RTSCC) which has been following the state legislative proposals to restrict Maintenance of Certification (MOC). These measures have largely been related to physician or physician specialty fields. Nonetheless, ICE has followed the proposals and participated in the Coalition’s efforts to educate the public on the importance of maintenance of certification in the health-care professions as well as any future impact on non-healthcare fields. Where are we on these issues and how could they impact your program? Topics covered include:

  • An update on states that have approved some limitation on MOC
  • An update on the RTSCC activities
  • Any foreseen update on non-health care related programs

*Please note: This presentation is only available to ICE members.