Continuing Competence Framework Document

“This Process Framework provides a methodology to evaluate the role and importance of continuing competence within an organization's certification program based on these three parameters." - Utilizing a Process Framework to Build an Effective Continuing Competence Program for Certification © ICE 2015

In 2013, ICE had a unique opportunity to consider the future of credible, valuable, and meaningful continuing competence programs through its Continuing Competence Framework project. With the funding and support of our Research & Development (R&D) contributors and the hard work of the Continuing Competence Working Group, ICE is pleased to release this ongoing project as its latest member exclusive: Utilizing a Process Framework to Build an Effective Continuing Competence Program for Certification.

Whether you are looking to select, build, or revise your continuing competence program, ICE has gathered suggested assessment measures in this Process Framework document for organizations that wish to explore the relevance of their continuing competence programs to the credibility of their certification credential.

The intended next step is for ICE to build a toolkit with this framework document and other tools to assist organizations in thinking innovatively when building (or rebuilding) rigorous continuing competence programs.

ICE would like to thank all of the Continuing Competence Working Group members for their time, energy, and vision on this ongoing project. This product would not have been possible were it not for the generous contributions of the Research & Development (R&D) donors and the thoughtful participation of the Working Group members.

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