Five Tips for Marketing Certifications


Jason Gudenius, Managing Director, Marketing General Incorporated


Have you taken a step back and examined your certification marketing? Are you thinking about your marketing through the full certification process?  Do you know how much a certificant is worth to your organization over their lifetime of being certified? These are essential questions everyone who markets certifications should be asking themselves.

In this webinar, the following five key concepts around certification marketing be covered:

  1. Generating leads for your certification
  2. Capturing essential information
  3. Making the process easy to understand
  4. Understanding lifetime value (LTV)
  5. Creating a learning system through testing optimization

Member Price: Free ι Non-Member Price: $135.00

About the Presenter

Jason_Gudenius.jpg Jason focuses on the strategic management and execution of multi-channel new member acquisition, renewal programs, and certification marketing. His ability to quickly assess opportunities and develop solid marketing programs based on those opportunities has enabled him to grow membership and certificant numbers for several prominent MGI clients. An articulate speaker and lecturer, he often provides sessions on the finer points of membership marketing, from basic to advanced topics.