Business of Certification

ICE Research and Development Town Hall Recording

COVID-19 and Economic Considerations for Credentialing

WEB20: Accessibility: Legal Issues & Design Strategies for Certificate Programs & Certification Exams

HRCI International Certification Expansion Case Study

Succession Planning for Organizational Success

WEB20: Managing Remote Teams

RSRCH20 International Credentialing Expansion

Starting Up a Certification Program: Real-World and Road-Tested Advice

2020 ICE Governance Workshop

RSRCH19 Value of Certification Report

REC18 Ushering Change-How professions and certification can remain relevant in a changing world

REC18 Improving Organizational Innovation, One Team at a Time

REC18 How Your Organization Can Use the Power of Artificial Intelligence Right Now

REC18 Credentialing in a Disrupted Environment

REC18 Blockchain and the New World of Qualification

Certification Program vs. Certificate Program Bundle

WEB19 Shaping Transparency of Workforce-Ready Skills with Digital Credentials

CEOWEB19 Emerging Trends in Credentialing

CEOWEB18 Business of Certification Benchmarks: Trends and Findings from the Recent Survey

WEB18 Business of Certification Benchmarks: ICE's New Online Platform

WEB18 Quality Assurance: An Inside Look

REC17 The Business Case for Assessment-Based Certificate Programs

REC17 ICE Exchange: 2017 ICE Exchange Taste of Conference

REC17 Two Under One Roof: How to Maintain the Firewall Between Education and Certification

WEB18 Doing a Technology Gap Review – Why Look for Trouble?

WEB16 RFPs: What to Know & How ICE Can Help

WEB18 Promoting Credentialing of Military Service Members: Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) Programs

CEOWEB18 Governance Success: Effective Recruitment; Motivated Engagement; Dynamic Orientation and Training

WEB18 A Standards Based Approach to Offering Credentialing and Education Programs

WEB18 How to Start a New Certification Program

CEOWEB17 Navigating Organizational Relationships: Exploring opportunities and landmines

WEB17 In The Public Interest?

Fundamental Topics in Certification: Six Module Package

Fundamental Topics in Certification: Module 1, Business of Certification

WEB17 Legal and Ethical Issues in Certification: Approaches to Disciplinary Policies and Procedures

CEOWEB17 Intellectual Property

BK98 Starting a Certification Program

WP08 Interfaces Between Professional Certification and Academic Accreditation

WP09 Succeeding in the Business of Certification

WP10 Why Business Continuity Planning for Certification Program Sponsors?

RSRCH09 Certification Industry Operating Ratios & Benchmarking Statistics

Fundamental Topics in Certification: Module 2, Program Governance and Operations

Fundamental Topics in Certification: Module 3, Policies and Procedures

RSRCH09 Industry Survey - Impact of the Economy on the Certification Industry

TERM07 Defining Features of Quality Certification and Assessment-Based Certificate Programs

WEB10 Bundled Pack: Governance and Operations

RSRCH12 What the CFO Wants to Know: Results of 2011 Business of Certification Survey

RSRCH12 2011 Ethics Survey to Certification Boards

REC13 ICE Exchange Full Conference Recordings

REC13 ICE Exchange Administration & Governance for Certification Programs Recordings

REC13 ICE Exchange Testing for Certification Programs Recordings

REC13 ICE Exchange Concepts for Education & Training Programs Recordings

RSRCH14 Certification Management Practices Survey Report

CEOWEB14 Broadening Your Horizons: Theory & Mechanics of Going International

WEB14 Understanding the Role and Richness of the Public Member

RSRCH14 Eligibility Requirements Report

Certificate Program for the Credentialing Specialist

WEB14 How to Work with Licensing Boards in Your State

WP14 Best Practices for Preparing Your RFPs and RFIs

ST NCCA Standards for the Accreditation of Certification Programs

REC14 ICE Exchange Taste of Conference Recordings

REC14 ICE Exchange Business of Certification Session Samples

RSRCH15 What Your CFO Wants to Know: Results of the 2014 Business of Certification Survey

RSRCH15 Bundled Package: 2009, 2011 & 2015 Business of Certification Reports

CEOWEB15 International Expansion: A Strategic Approach

CEOWEB15 Effective Metrics for Certification Organizations

WP15 Value of Certification: An Exploration of Concept and Research Process

CEOWEB15 Building Championship Caliber Board Teams

CEOWEB15 How To Reap the Most Benefits from Insourcing and Outsourcing

RSRCH15 Digital Badge Report

WEB15 Volunteering Today: Motivations, Expectations, Relevant Trends

RSRCH15 Certification Industry Compensation & Benefits Survey 2015 Report

RSRCH15 Executive Summary: Certification Industry Compensation & Benefits Survey 2015 Report

REC15 ICE Exchange Taste of Conference (8 sessions)

REC15 ICE Exchange: Adventures in Governance

REC15 ICE Exchange: Digital Badging 2.0

REC15 ICE Exchange: So, You Think You've Got a Certification Program?

CEOWEB16 Problem Solving by Case Study

WEB16 What About Microcredentialing?

Considerations for International Expansion

CEOWEB16 Engaging Your Board in the NCCA Accreditation Process

CEOWEB16 Finding Needles in Haystacks of Data: How To Use Your Data

WEB17 Volunteer Engagement

REC16 ICE Exchange: A View Through A Crystal Ball

REC16 ICE Exchange: Establishing and Maintaining Firewalls Between Certification and Education

REC16 ICE Exchange:2016 ICE Exchange Taste of Conference Bundle

WEB17 Certificate or Certification: What's the Difference?

CEOWEB17 Digital Badging: A Strategic Perspective