RSRCH18 Standard Setting Overview for Credentialing Program

This paper provides an introductory overview of standard-setting processes, methods, approaches, challenges, issues, and policies for credentialing organizations.

Standard setting for credentialing programs typically involves a judgment-based process for identifying the examination score that reflects the minimum level of qualifications required to earn the credential: that is, which candidates meet the criterion versus which candidates do not. In this context, the word qualifications could be defined differently by different organizations, with common variations including competence, knowledge, or some other term. Sometimes standard setting is considered the overarching intent of determining qualifications, whereas establishing a cut score can refer to the operational process used to provide information for those responsible for setting the standard.

Taskforce members include Lawrence Fabrey, PhD (chair), Andrew C. Dwyer, PhD, Chuck Friedman, PhD, Jerry Reid, PhD, Patricia Young, MA, (c) 2018. 24 pages.

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