Legal and Human Resources

WEB20: Accessibility: Legal Issues & Design Strategies for Certificate Programs & Certification Exams

WEB20: Managing Remote Teams

WEB19 A Target on Your Back: Legal Challenges That Are Aimed at Professional Certification

REC17 Certification Law from the Guy Who Wrote the Book

Fundamental Topics in Certification: Six Module Package

WEB17 Legal and Ethical Issues in Certification: Approaches to Disciplinary Policies and Procedures

CEOWEB17 Intellectual Property

RSRCH09 Certification Industry Operating Ratios & Benchmarking Statistics

Fundamental Topics in Certification: Module 6, Legal Concepts Related to Credentialing

RSRCH12 What the CFO Wants to Know: Results of 2011 Business of Certification Survey

WEB13 Legal Implications of Governance, Conflicts, & Ethics for Certification Boards

Certificate Program for the Credentialing Specialist

WEB14 How to Work with Licensing Boards in Your State

RSRCH15 What Your CFO Wants to Know: Results of the 2014 Business of Certification Survey

CEOWEB 15 Accessibility Concerns: How ADA Has Evolved and How It Affects You

RSRCH15 Certification Industry Compensation & Benefits Survey 2015 Report

RSRCH15 Executive Summary: Certification Industry Compensation & Benefits Survey 2015 Report

WEB16 Critical Communications to Applicants and Certificants: Legal Considerations