NCCA Standards Revision

March 12, 2021 Update

Open Meeting with the NCCA Standards Revision Main Committee
Wednesday, March 31
11:00am - 1:00pm ET
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The NCCA Standards Revision Main Committee invites you to an open meeting to review feedback received via the 45-day public comment period, closing on March 15. Attend this meeting to hear the substantive comments that were submitted and have the opportunity to speak in support or opposition with the Main Committee who will vote on whether to approve these revisions. 

Note: all substantive comments that are submitted timely will be considered, whether or not you are present at the meeting.

Please refer to the Standards revision materials and online survey listed below, under the January update, to share comments on the proposed changes by the March 15 deadline. The survey to submit comments is closed as of March 16, 2021.

January 29, 2021 Update

The NCCA Standards Revision Main Committee is pleased to present the 2021 draft revision of the NCCA Standards for the Accreditation of Certification Programs. 

For the past fifteen months, over 30 individuals representing various stakeholder categories have contributed to this project. The intent of this revision was to clarify, reorganize/increase efficiency, and address challenges that have arisen in applying the NCCA Standards over the past five years. The revisions are not intended to increase the difficulty of attaining accreditation. Rather, by adding clarity, the NCCA anticipates that organizations will better understand expectations of certification program quality and the evidence needed to demonstrate compliance.

Public Comment 45-Day Period

We invite you to review the changes and, if you have comments, share them with the Main Committee who will vote to approve these revisions. The Main Committee will host an open meeting after the close of the public comment period to review any substantive changes proposed through public comment. 

To facilitate your review, the following resources are available:

An online survey has been created to collect your comments after you have reviewed these materials. Comments will be collected for 45 days through March 15, 2021. Thank you in advance for providing your feedback to this critically important project! The survey is closed as of March 16, 2021. 

Comments must be submitted via the online survey no later than Monday, March 15, 2021. If you have questions, please email I.C.E. Accreditation Services Staff at

drop down arow.pngPrior Announcements

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As part of its continuous process of quality improvement, the NCCA initiated a review and update of the Standards beginning in August 2019. The intent of the revision is to:

  • clarify,
  • reorganize/increase efficiency,
  • and address challenges that have arisen in applying the Standards over the past four years.

There is no intent to change the meaning and stature of NCCA accreditation. 

Anticipated Revision Timeline

*Anticipated dates subject to change.

Implementation of the Standards is expected in 2022.  

    Standards Revision Main Committee and Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

    In September of this year, ICE issued an open invitation to apply to participate on the Main Committee for the Standards Revision process.  In order to ensure a broad representation, only one member from any organization was selected.  A total of 59 individuals submitted applications and 15 were seated on the Consensus Body. An additional 15 individuals were selected to serve as members of a Technical Advisory Group.  This group will review the work of the Main Committee and provide feedback and suggestions prior to general publication.  

    The Standards Revision Main Committee Co-Chairs are Larry Fabrey, PhD and Denise Fandel, MBA, CAE. The roster of Main Committee and Technical Advisory Committee members can be accessed here.