Importance of Continuing Certification

The Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) is a leading developer of standards for certification programs. We have 693 organizations that indicated one or more certification program that currently assess knowledge, skills, and/or competencies previously acquired. With the development of legislation aimed at weakening professional standards for healthcare providers, ICE is creating tools and outreach efforts to support the continuing certification programs of our members.

There is a growing movement to lower professional standards for health care providers. Individuals and groups at the state and national levels are asking legislatures and regulators to abandon the external, data-driven validation afforded by the certification and certification maintenance process. The continuation of these rulings could have devastating consequences on public safety if lifelong learning programs administered by voluntary credentialing organizations, licensing boards, and other delivery institutions are weakened.

ICE is taking on the work previously completed by the Right to Safe Care Coalition to educate key stakeholders about the importance of continuing professional certification. We encourage you to use our tools to further the conversation and share why continuing certification is vital to our society.

Use these tools to spread the message that investment in continuing certification is crucial and maintenance standards impact the public safety and health of our society. 


Download the Continuing Certification Toolkit to access social media posts, email messages, and website copy you can customize to communicate directly with your ceritificants. Download the Toolkit! 


Share the continuing certification video on your website or social media channels to help spread awareness of continuing certification issues and its importance. Download the Video! 

Tell Your Story

Tell us your certification story! We want to know why your organization and your certificants value continuing learning and how certification has impacted career growth or opportunities. Share your Story! 

Visit these pages to learn more about ICE’s efforts to support continuing certification programs. 

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