Considerations for International Expansion Online Course

This online course is designed for managers, directors, and other strategic decision-makers who are considering expanding their certification program globally or internationally. Upon completion of the modules, you will have the tools and resources you need to make a thoughtful decision on whether or not to expand your certification abroad, and guidance on how to execute your expansion plan. 

Course includes 3 modules for one user (6 months access)

Module 1: Why and How to Expand your Certification Programs Abroad
Module 2: Legal Issues
Module 3: Taking Your Certification International or Global

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International Certification Expansion Case Study

This case study interview was conducted with HR Certification Institute (HRCI) CEO Dr. Amy S. Dufrane, EdD, SPHR, CAE. The intent of this case study is to highlight how one credentialing organization successfully embraced and strategically implemented an international expansion. HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®), headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, is the premier credentialing and learning organization for the human resources (HR) profession. For over 40 years, HRCI has set the standard for HR expertise and excellence around the globe.  

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International Credentialing Expansion Research Report

This research report describes the results of two data collections conducted by the International Expansion Task Force for the I.C.E. Research and Development Committee. Data was collected at the 2016 and 2017 I.C.E. Exchanges during the Research and Development Summit. The data collection was spread across two years to increase the number of participants and to provide a mild consistency check. The purpose of these brief surveys was to collect data from professionals operating within established organizations that offer credentialing options and vendors that support credentialing programs. In 2016, 129 respondents participated in the survey; in 2017, 122 participants responded. Not all respondents answered every question.

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International Expansion of Credentialing Organizations Podcast

For credentialing organizations considering international expansion, there are a number of factors to consider. Can your business model support this expansion? What is the market for credentialing like in the countries you’re seeking to expand into? What follows is a conversation between Terrance Barkan CAE, founder and chief strategist at GLOBALSTRAT, and Margaret Bloom, Esq., director of regulatory affairs and chief legal counsel to the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. Terrance has more than 25 years consulting in global activities and is the author of "Global Growth Strategies: The International Association," a well-regarded reference document used by hundreds of association board and staff members to prepare for international strategic discussions.

In this interview, Terrance shares his expertise, insights and strategies for credentialing organizations considering or already engaged in international and global expansion of a US-based certification program.

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An Introduction to Test Translation, Localization, and Adaptation (2019)

In this session, we will discuss issues and challenges that are typically encountered when moving from a mono-linguistic exam to a poly-linguistic model. Issues related to test development, score equivalence, and psychometric considerations will be addressed, and examples and practical solutions will be provided. Specific steps that can be taken before, during, and after the initial development will be outlined and caveats for special situations and circumstances will be included. Information will be framed within an accreditation context.

After attending this live webinar, you will:

  • learn what the common issues and challenges are when moving from a single (source)-language assessment instrument to additional (target) languages (and/or cultures).
  • become aware of mistakes commonly made during test development.
  • understand the critical role of culture in the trans-adaptation process.

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International Expansion: A Strategic Approach (2015)

Expanding a program globally requires an honest approach with inclusion, diversity and sensitivity to various and sometimes disparate cultures. Join Dania Eter and Vikas Wadhwani to consider the design, development, implementation and delivery of a global certification program, focusing on the challenges of making the program truly international. Legal, financial, social, security and other strategic aspects of successfully expanding a program are discussed. Best practices are shared in maintaining a global program for the long term. 

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Broadening Your Horizons: Theory & Mechanics of Going International (2014)

The world continues to shrink. Increasingly, individuals are not only moving across states and countries, but across continents. The idea of taking a certification program global, and accessing a world of potential candidates, is appealing. While taking a program international can be rewarding, going international also includes unique complexities and challenges. Hear about the complexities of international certification programs, including how to leverage the world of opportunities and how to avoid common, potential problems. The presenters will address the various approaches to going international, issues related to exam security, as well as challenges of cultural and language differences. Walk away with a deeper understanding of these issues to develop strategies to overcome the challenges of an international certification program and use meaningful criteria to help you determine the best pathway for your organization to reach its international goals.

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