ICE Press Releases

PDF icon 09.05.12 Certified Home Inspectors Help Inform Buyers and Sellers

PDF Icon 06.28.12 Consumers Turn to Credentialed Financial Professionals for Fiscal Advice in Recovering Economy

PDF Icon 03.14.12 Food Safety Professionals Play Essential Role in Protecting Consumers

PDF Icon 12.06.11 ICE Announces 2012 Board of Directors

PDF Icon 11.03.11 New Department of Labor Grants Offer Training and Certification Opportunities for American Workforce

PDF Icon 09.26.11 Proposed Hiring Incentives Offers Certification Opportunities and Improved Hiring Prospects for Unemployed U.S. Military Veterans

PDF Icon 06.29.11 Credentials Continue to Play a Critical Role in Economic Recovery and Development of America’s Workforce

PDF Icon 05.25.11 Professional Credentials Help Military Professionals Transition to Successful Civilian Careers

PDF Icon 05.04.11 Credentialed HR Professionals Instrumental in Making Companies Great Places to Work

PDF Icon 03.30.11 Accredited Tax and Financial Advisors Help Consumers Comply with Regulations, Plan for Future

PDF Icon 03.15.11 Professional Credentials are a Valuable Asset for Job Seekers as Economy Recovers

PDF Icon 02.01.11 Accredited Health and Fitness Certification Programs Ensure Value for Consumers