Maintaining NCCA Accreditation

NCCA Annual Accreditation Fees for Organizations with Accredited Programs

Effective January 1, 2016:

Organization with up to two accredited programs $4,500/year
Each additional accredited program $975/year
Maximum accreditation fee $12,300/year

The accreditation fee automatically includes membership in the Institute for Credentialing Excellence. Organizations with newly accredited programs will pay an accreditation fee for the current year that may be pro-rated based on when accreditation was granted. Each year following, invoices for full accreditation fees are sent in late November to be paid by January 31st.

Annual Report for Organizations with Accredited Programs

Annual report forms are available to organizations with accredited programs beginning in January each year, to be completed by June 1st.

*Please verify that your email system will allow communications from both and in order to ensure that you receive timely reminders.

The annual report will be completed each year using the NCCA Online Portal.

The National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) requires that each organization with an accredited certification program(s) complete an annual report form to enable the NCCA to monitor continuing compliance with the NCCA Standards. The annual report form is required for several reasons, including:

  • To document compliance with NCCA Standard 21
  • To keep organizations with NCCA accredited programs continually aware of the NCCA Standards
  • To provide organizations the opportunity to receive feedback on any changes that may affect their accreditation status and receive suggested actions to take to maintain compliance with NCCA Standards

In limited situations, the annual report form may provide data leading to revocation of NCCA accreditation after NCCA review, if the certification program fails to respond or its response demonstrates intended lack of compliance with NCCA Standards.

Application for Re-Accreditation

Accreditation is valid for a period of 5 years. When a certification program's accreditation is set to expire, the sponsoring organization is required to submit a re-accreditation application and a non-refundable renewal application fee (see current fee structure). Although NCCA will notify a program when it is near expiration, it is ultimately the responsibility of each organization to know when its programs will expire and to submit a renewal application accordingly. The NCCA will not extend accreditation for organizations that do not submit their re-accreditation applications on time.

The re-accreditation application and process is identical to the initial application and process - therefore, it requires a complete new application with all supporting documentation.  Please visit our NCCA application page for details and required documents.

Re-accreditation applications should be submitted according to the following schedule.  This schedule has been designed so that all re-accreditation applications will be reviewed by the Commission and a decision made prior to the program's expiration date.  If an applicant does not submit by the required deadline and the accreditation expiration date occurs before the Commission has met to review the application, accreditation will not be extended.

Accreditation Term Date Application Due Date
November 1 current year – March 31 following year August 31 current year
April 1 - June 30 January 31
July 1 - October 31 April 30