REC15 ICE Exchange: Digital Badging 2.0
REC15 ICE Exchange: Digital Badging 2.0

The name ICE Exchange reflects what is valued most by our conference attendees: the exchange of of industry trends and best practice through networking and education. Now, we're bringing our education to you!

This purchase provides you with access to the concurrent session Digital Badging 2.0. In this session, early adopters of digital badging offer honest retrospectives on their badging experience to date in terms of how well reality has matched their respective visions. Each panelist presents his/her organization’s digital badging goals, how badging is being leveraged, and the challenges faced and benefits realized, as well as data showing how well badging has (or hasn’t) been embraced by stakeholders.

This session is suitable for all levels of credentialing professionals in both the public and private sectors.

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Member price: $30; Non-member price: $45