REC15 ICE Exchange: So, You Think You've Got a Certification Program?
REC15 ICE Exchange: So, You Think You've Got a Certification Program?

The name ICE Exchange reflects what is valued most by our conference attendees: the exchange of of industry trends and best practice through networking and education. Now, we're bringing our education to you!

This purchase provides you with access to the concurrent session So, You Think You've Got a Certification Program? Understanding the Nuances of Various Credentialing. In this session, panelists explore the differences in the mission, governance, and psychometric components of various assessment programs, including: employment testing, licensure, certifications designed for public protection, certifications designed to support hiring decisions, certificates, and micro-credentials (badges). Key points of differentiation such as portability of the credential, legislative requirements, definition of the job role, strength of the link between the credential and job role, design and development, and alignment with educational/training requirements are discussed.

This session is suitable for all levels of credentialing professionals in both the public and private sectors.

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