CEOWEB17 Leveraging ISO/NCCA Accreditation as a Marketing Tool
CEOWEB17 Leveraging ISO/NCCA Accreditation as a Marketing Tool

Leveraging ISO/NCCA Accreditation as a Marketing Tool

Format: Format: On-demand Webcast (c) February 2017

Duration: Approximately 1 hour, including time for Q&A

Presenter: Cynthia Allen, SeaCrest Company

Certification programs seek ISO/NCCA accreditation for a variety of reasons, including using it as a marketing tool. Organizations use accreditation to distinguish and promote the value of their programs to their various stakeholders in different ways, some more successfully than others. The efficacy of accreditation as a marketing advantage has a lot to do with industry factors and how proactively the organization leverages it.

In this webinar, Cynthia Allen, President of SeaCrest Company, will explore different tactics to effectively leverage the achievement of accreditation and provide examples of what other programs have implemented. Additionally, the session will explore the marketing “promise” of accreditation versus what the credential is delivering.

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