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Getting Started 

Through Business of Certification Benchmarks, ICE:

  • Simplifies data collection and virtually automates data analysis and reporting, making it easy for both end-users and data collectors
  • Updates benchmarking data on an annual basis, keeping you informed on standards and trends in the field as they change over time
  • Generates customizable reports, providing relevant insights on business practices, program development, and financial performance

Data Entry Open All Year Round!

Your Participation is Crucial! And Free! 

Data entry always remains open. Data fields are based on organization, program development along with financial practices and procedures. Once entered, the data will be compared with data from other organizations. The data submission process is anonymous and confidential.

After entering your data, you can generate custom reports. You may use filters to generate a report that is relevant to your organization’s size, number of programs, location, or industry.

The ICE R&D Committee developed a survey summary report based on data entered by credentialing organization between May 4 and June 30, 2018. The survey summary report is available complimentary to all participating organizational members who complete at least 50% of the survey along with anyone who has purchased access to the platform.  All data entered after June 30, 2018 was not included in the summary report. 

Add Your Data

Accessing the Results 

The results and reporting functionality was released on July 1, 2018. All users with a valid subscription and who have completed at least 50% of the survey will be able to access the survey results.  In order to access the survey results, hover over the “Compare To Peers” and “Run Reports” tab when logged into your account (as shown below). 


Premium Access

Premium Access provides full reporting and filter options. Below is the complete list.

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Pricing Grid

Annual Subscription

All purchases of Business of Certification Benchmarks follow a subscription model.

ICE organizational members who submit their data are automatically enrolled in the basic Business of Certification Benchmarks subscription and may access the tool without an additional purchase. There is a premium upgrade option to gain more benefits.

Non-member organizations may enter data at no cost, but they must purchase a subscription package to gain access to any reporting and platform benefits.

All participants will require a new subscription purchase by April 30 each year to regain access for the upcoming subscription cycle. All participating organizational members will revert back to the basic access package.

If you have any questions, please contact ICE at 202.367.1165 or

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