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ICE Digest Q2 Focuses on Test SecurityRead ICE Digest Q2 now!
Introducing the Brand-New ICE Digest!ICE has developed a new, advanced format to present the quarterly ICE Digest newsletters. In the past, they have been emails containing links to PDFs posted on our website. Now the digest is presented in a digital magazine format with some really cool, high-tech features!
Now Available: Free, On-Demand Training on 2016 Revised NCCA StandardsICE is pleased to offer a training on the revised NCCA Standards, which will take effect on January 1, 2016.
Protect the Future of the Credentialing IndustryAs you may know, ICE has defended itself in lawsuit from an unsuccessful NCCA applicant for the past two years. This legal action has led to additional legal fees not covered by ICE's current insurance policy. Many members have inquired about contributing to a fund to help support this effort
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