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The Future of Credentialing


The Institute for Credentialing Excellence (I.C.E.) conducted this Future of Credentialing study to be a deliberate, evidence-based research initiative to assist credentialing organizations in environmental scanning and planning for change. The report provides a stream of research and resources to empower credentialing leaders to create a culture of foresight in their organizations, leading to a vibrant culture of foresight across the credentialing community.

I.C.E. envisions a future in which credentialing leaders not only are aware of potential changes ahead, but they are actively engaged with their organizational leadership, their staff, their members or certificants, and their peers to evaluate, to plan for and create opportunities from these changes.

Intended Audience

The intended audience for this project includes:

  • CEOs and C-suite level staff members of credentialing organizations
  • Executive directors or directors of programs, embedded in a larger membership organization, who are responsible for the strategic planning for credentialing programs
  • Members of strategic governing bodies of credentialing organizations
  • Consultants who work with strategic governing bodies on strategically thinking about the future

Facilitator's Guide

The Facilitator's Guide is a companion piece to the I.C.E. Future of Credentialing report and builds on its implementation suggestions to consider different lenses, prioritize elements of the report and initiate conversations. The guide provides specific strategies and tools in three areas:

  1. Initiating and Integrating the Practice of Foresight
  2. Overcoming Resistance
  3. Key Messages for Specific Audiences
    1. CEOs and C-suite Staff
    2. Credentialing Program Directors
    3. Volunteer Leaders
    4. Consultants

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Thinking Like a Futurist On Demand Workshop

Terry Grim, Partner at Foresight Alliance, provides an enlightening discussion on how to think like a futurist. This workshop is meant to help support your Future of Credentialing conversations.

Member Price: $75.00
Nonmember Price: $90.00


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Additional Resources 

I.C.E. is developing a number of tools to be released on the heels of this project. While the timing of release has not yet been determined, you can expect the following tools to aid in your use of the project.

  • Value Assessment and Board Prioritization Tool
  • Online community 
  • Case Studies
  • I.C.E. Exchange Sessions
  • Future of Credentialing Part II

Volunteer Acknowledgement

The I.C.E. Future of Credentialing Report was developed through the support of I.C.E.’s Research & Development (R&D) fundraising initiative. Research was performed by Foresight Alliance, a consulting firm, with guidance provided by the I.C.E. Future of Credentialing Advisory Group, and I.C.E. staff. I.C.E. would like to recognize the members who volunteered their time to this project. Numerous members participated in interviews that helped the researchers select and refine the drivers of change, while a dedicated pool of member volunteers participated in focus groups conducted by Crystal Lake Partners.

Future of Credentialing Advisory Group

Cary List, FP (Retired), FCPA, FCA
Paul Grace, MS
Denise Fandel, MBA
Sheri Sesay-Tuffour, PhD, CAE, ICE-CCP

Foresight Alliance Research Team

Josh Calder
Mark Justman
Christopher Kent

Crystal Lake Partners

Kristine Metter, MS, CAE

A special acknowledgement of our I.C.E. volunteers who assisted with conducting the interviews of subject matter experts in this project.

Sara Duginske, MS, ICE-CCP
Bob Mahlman, MA, PMP, ICE-CCP
Nadine McBride, PhD
Drew Wiley, PhD


We invite you to give us feedback on this tool—your insights and observations, how you plan to use the tool, successes and challenges in using the tool, and where the conversations lead your organization.

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