Institute for Credentialing Excellence

Future of Credentialing Board and Staff Prioritization Assessment

In 2022, I.C.E. began an evidence-based Future of Credentialing research initiative to assist credentialing organizations in environmental scanning and planning for change. The result of this work is a Future of Credentialing report published in 2023, which outlines change drivers for credentialing organizations.

I.C.E. has created a tool to help you identify your board’s priorities related to the content and ideas in the report. We are now providing an assessment tool to help credentialing organizational leaders collect personalized data from your leadership to facilitate long-term conversations with board and staff members about what the future may hold. This assessment will help you and your organization prioritize what is most important and relevant for future success.

To receive data from within your organization, we ask that you share the Future of Credentialing Prioritization Assessment with your board and staff members. The assessment asks your leadership and team members to rank priorities outlined in the I.C.E. Future of Credentialing report based on their relevance and urgency to your organization. The assessment also addresses the degree to which your team can act on the priority.

What you will receive

As an organizational participant in this assessment, you will be sent two reports.

1) I.C.E. will provide you with an aggregated report using your team’s responses. This report will share demographic information of those who took the assessment from your organization, as well as key insights regarding relevance, urgency, and prioritization of change drivers. Please keep in mind, the more team members you can encourage to take the assessment, the more robust and useful your report will be for informing foresight conversations.

2) We will also provide a benchmarking report, so you can compare your responses to other credentialing organizations. This report will be distributed once a critical mass of data has been collected from organizations. Please note, we do not have a set date that this report will be available and distribution of such a report could come in 2024 depending on response rates to the assessment.

Key Resources, Dates, and Next Steps

  • Complete this form if your organization is interested in participating. An I.C.E. staff member will be in touch shortly to confirm your participation.
  • Sample Message to board and staff members asking them to take the assessment; it also conveys the importance of their participation.
  • You will receive your organization’s report within 2 weeks of your chosen close date. We recommend keeping your assessment open for only 2 weeks to compel completion in a timely manner.
  • Utilize this video from I.C.E. explaining the purpose and importance of this assessment tool that you can distribute to your chosen respondents.
  • Future of Credentialing Facilitator’s Guide and a PowerPoint template, which are both aids to engaging in foresight conversations with your board and staff members.

Confidentiality of Surveys

All responses to the assessment are anonymous and are intended to help your organization make strategic decisions. I.C.E. is planning future resources that will aid in foresight conversations. The assessment will have an organizational identifier so we can provide relevant reports to organizational participants, but no other identifying information will be captured or shared.

The comparison report will not include any organizational identifiers. This report is meant to be a general benchmarking tool, not a detailed report on all organizational participants.

If you have questions regarding the assessment, please contact I.C.E. at 202-367-1165 or email

What are leaders in our industry saying?

"I.C.E. continues to provide vital resources to help us guide our work. We have already held discussions based on this research with our board and staff—using the thought-provoking work to inspire our strategic thinking".

Tony Ellis, MSEd, CAE, ICE-CCP
Executive Director
Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation


"The Future of Credentialing report is a valuable resource for organizations to incorporate into their strategic conversations. Whether new to credentialing or an organization with established programs, the report serves as a helpful tool to inspire dialogue, understand relevant trends, and identify potential opportunities."

Cynthia Allen, ICE-CCP
SeaCrest Consulting


"I appreciate I.C.E.'s leadership in creating this report and putting together these discussions. It's great to hear the perspetives of others and be able to use the report as a tool to enhance the strategic capacity of my board and staff....thank you!"

Thom Banks, Hon, FASID, Hon. Member IDC
Chief Executive Officer
Council for Interior Design Qualification