Institute for Credentialing Excellence

Mission and Vision


Lead through accreditation, advocacy, education, innovation, research, and standards to enhance the value of credentialing organizations.


Excellence in credentialing provides a safe, effective and ethical workforce.

Strategic Objectives

The Board of Directors operates under the Policy Governancetm  model so that the strategic plan is driven by the association's established Ends Goals.

Ends Statements

Approved August 2023

I.C.E. Mission and Vision and Ends



1.0 Credentialing standards and best practices are adopted and used by credentialing organizations to develop, maintain and improve programs.

2.0 Credentialing professionals have the relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities, and resources to develop, maintain – and improve quality in – all aspects of credentialing.

2.1 Credentialing professionals have access to resources related to the future of credentialing and diversity, equity and inclusion.

3.0 Research advances the quality and value of credentialing.

4.0 Stakeholders and the general public value a workforce with reputable credentials; and accreditation of high-quality credentialing programs.

5.0 ICE members are engaged in and value the credentialing community.

6.0 I.C.E. is a credible voice providing thought leadership in the credentialing community.

6.1 I.C.E. addresses topics of urgency including the future of credentialing, technology, diversity, equity and inclusion, and other issues of importance that arise.


I.C.E. Exists So That:

Best practices in credentialing serve employers, professions, occupations, and the public.