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I.C.E. has a strong tradition of research excellence. Our research reflects the current state of the industry, with a mission to better inform the individuals leading credentialing organizations. Many aspects of credentialing will always require on-going analysis, while other, cutting-edge trends require the establishment of baseline information in order to progress.

I.C.E. believes in the future of the credentialing community and believes your involvement is the key to the success of its R&D agenda. With your support, I.C.E. can continue to deliver a rigorous research program that improves I.C.E. member organizations and the programs they administer.

Chuck Vacchiano, PhD, CRNA, President of the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA), explains why they support I.C.E.’s R&D program:


"As we seek to incorporate industry best practices and outcome measures for the certification and recertification of nurse anesthetists, we rely on I.C.E. as a reliable source of this information. Over the past several years I.C.E. R&D efforts have produced invaluable industry resources related to the trends in certification, test development and delivery, continuous assessment based on lifelong learning, and other information relevant to the credentialing community. The research carried out by I.C.E. is a valuable tool that helps us ensure that the credential earned by nurse anesthetists continues to be regarded as a standard of excellence."

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