Institute for Credentialing Excellence

ACAP Accreditation Fees

Application Fees

Application fees are on a per program basis and are non-refundable. Programs that are denied must pay the fee again if they wish to submit a new application. Therefore, organizations are strongly encouraged to use the preparation tools and to thoroughly review their completed applications prior to submission to ensure that their applications provide up-to-date, accurate information and are completed according to the Standards and guidelines provided in the application form.

Fees for applications submitted in 2024 for review are as follows:

ICE MemberInitial or Re-accreditation Application  $2,625/submission
Non-memberInitial or Re-accreditation Application  $3,150/submission

Subsequent Application Fee 

This fee applies to each additional program after the first for any organization (member or non-member) that is submitting multiple applications at the same time.

$1,575/application up to a
max fee of 10 applications
Audit: on-site or online (if applicable) $1250

Application fees are collected online with a credit card upon submission of the application and are non-refundable

Payment may also be made via check, payable to ICE (not ACAP). 
Please note that payment is due before your application can be submitted. If you intend to send a check payment, the check should be received prior to the application deadline so that you may submit your application on time.

Checks should be mailed to:

Institute For Credentialing Excellence
PO BOX 713262
CHICAGO IL 60677-1262 

*Please note that this address will not accept shipments from UPS, FedEx, etc.

Annual Accreditation Fees for Organizations with Accredited Programs

All organizations that have programs accredited by I.C.E. must pay annual accreditation maintenance fees to remain in good standing.

Effective January 1, 2024:

Organizations with one accredited program $1,100/year
Each additional accredited program $825/year
Maximum accreditation fee $10,000/year

Organizations with newly accredited programs will pay an accreditation fee for the current year that may be quarterly pro-rated based on when accreditation was granted. Fees are prorated after the first quarter of the year for newly accredited programs. Each year following, invoices for full accreditation fees are sent in late November/early December to be paid by January 1st.