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ICE-CCP® Recertification

ICE-CCP Guide to Recertification

Recertification Requirements

Certification is valid for four (4) years from the date the ICE-CCP examination was successfully completed. Candidates will need to earn 60 recertification credits over the four-year period or by again taking, and successfully passing, the ICE-CCP examination. Credit will be given for interactive professional education on an hour-for-hour basis. Credits will also be given for other activities such as instruction/presenting, publishing and volunteering provided they can be directly linked to one or more of the knowledge domains covered by the ICE-CCP examination

A full list of qualifying activities and credits to be awarded is provided in the ICE-CCP Guide to Recertification. All activities must take place following the date of certification to be eligible for credit.

Certification Cycle

Your certification cycle begins on the date your certification is awarded and will end four years later, on the last day of the month. During that four-year period, you must earn 60 recertification credits through participation in activities outlined in this guide or by again taking, and successfully passing, the ICE-CCP examination. All activities that are eligible to earn recertification credit must be credentialing-related. In general, this means they must be tied to the ICE-CCP Exam Content Outline and increase your knowledge in the area of professional credentialing. You will be asked to specify the domain(s) that the activity relates to when completing your Recertification Application.

Recertification Fees

Recording and Submitting Continuing Education Activities 

All ICE-CCP credential holders will have a Recertification Application available in their I.C.E. account at It may be accessed through the “My ICE-CCP” tab in the left menu of your online profile. Your Recertification Application serves as a repository where you can record your activities and upload supporting documentation throughout your certification cycle.

You may begin recording activities as soon as you become certified; however, the earliest you may submit your application is two years after your certification cycle start date. This is to encourage you to engage in recertification activities throughout your certification cycle. All activities must take within the certification cycle in order to qualify for recertification credit.

Required Documentation 

Documentation supporting your participation must be uploaded for each activity for which you are claiming recertification credit. In some cases, a single document will suffice; others may require a second document or web link to provide the required information. For example, you may need to include additional information that describes the relationship of the activity to the ICE-CCP content domain(s) if it is not apparent from the activity title, in addition to a receipt confirming registration or attendance or a certificate of completion. You are encouraged to upload documentation as activities are completed so as not to misplace it. Providing documentation with your application means that you will not be selected for a routine random audit at a later date.

Submitted recertification activities are all subject to I.C.E.’s recertification review process at the time of submission. Activities are not reviewed until the required minimum number of credits has been recorded and the Recertification Application is submitted with the applicable fee. As part of the submission process, you will be required to attest that all information provided is accurate and truthful. You will also need to agree to abide by the Code of Conduct for Professionals Seeking or Holding I.C.E. Certification.

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