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Online Courses

Certificate Program for the "Credentialing Specialist"

This online course provides a comprehensive curriculum designed for the individual who wants to gain insights into the eco-system of certification from a program's conception, through its development and delivery, to maintenance and improvement. 

The course includes eight modules, and participants who complete the program and pass course assessments earn a certificate as a "Credentialing Specialist."

Foundations of Assessment-Based Certificate Programs

This online course provides staff and volunteers basic knowledge and good practices for developing and administering an assessment-based certificate program.

Module topics include:

  • The Business of Credentialing–Certificate vs. Certification
  • Getting Started–Program Design and Structure
  • Adult Learning and Instructional Design
  • Assessment and Measurement Principles

Fundamental Topics in Certification

Use this course as a training tool for new certification staff or as on-boarding tools for volunteer leaders. Set up your staff and volunteers for success by providing them basic knowledge and good practices for administering a certification program. Modules can be purchased as a set or individually. 

Module topics include:

  • The Business of Certification
  • Program Governance and Operations
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Psychometric Concepts and Analyses
  • Assessment Development and Delivery
  • Legal Concepts Related to Credentialing

Considerations for International Expansion 

Designed for managers, directors, and other strategic decision-makers, this course provides the tools and resources you need to make a thoughtful decision on whether or not to expand your certification abroad, and guidance on how to execute your expansion plan.

Module topics include:

  • Why and How to Expand your Certification Programs Abroad
  • Legal Issues
  • Taking Your Certification International or Global