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Considerations for International Expansion Online Course 

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This online course is designed for strategic decision-makers who are considering expanding their certification program globally or internationally. Upon completion of the modules, you will have the tools and resources you need to make a thoughtful decision on whether or not to expand your certification abroad, and guidance on how to execute your expansion plan.

I.C.E.'s International Task Force has prepared a list of questions to help you generate discussion with your stakeholders and ask the right questions if you are considering global expansion.

Quality Content

Module 1: Why and How to Expand your Certification Programs Abroad

  • Recognize the difference between international and global expansion
  • Determine your organization's main motivations for international or global expansion
  • Utilize tools to perform the market and risk analysis necessary for your organization to make an informed decision about expansion
  • Examine various delivery models for your products and services abroad, including the benefits and risks for each
  • Explore the main legal issues that need to be addressed before doing business in another country or region

Module 2: Legal Issues

  • Recognize the importance of foreign legal counsel to navigate the complexities necessary to do business in an international region
  • Understand the issues and steps needed to protect privacy and intellectual property abroad
  • Plan for the handling of money as related to banking arrangements, laws, and currency exchanges
  • Understand the various types of taxes and trade restrictions that affect trade and movement of products internationally
  • Identify key issues when entering into contractual agreements with various foreign entities

Module 3: Taking Your Certification International or Global

  • Describe the unique challenges of delivering certification in an international market
  • Identify the important components to building an appropriate infrastructure to support certification operations
  • List the various considerations in translating or adapting exams and materials into other languages
  • Recognize the security risks with deploying certification abroad, and how to mitigate these risks

Enhanced, Online Format

Written by credentialing industry experts, each module features:

  • interactive e-learning features that group together materials in logical frameworks that promote learning and increase retention
  • templates, worksheets, and resources for further reading 
  • an end-of-course knowledge check

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Consideration for International Expansion FAQs

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How long will it take me to complete each module?

Each module averages thirty to forty-five minutes in length. Completion time will vary based on the number of additional resources you access.


When will I be granted access and how long will I have to complete the learning and corresponding assessments?


Please allow for up to three (3) business days for ICE staff to create learning licenses for your designated users. Access instructions will be emailed directly to those designated users: if they do not receive this email, please ask them to double-check spam folders and make sure that is added to their safe-sender lists. 

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