Institute for Credentialing Excellence

I.C.E. Membership Referral Program

I.C.E. recognizes Sustaining and Affiliate members who refer new members.This is a terrific way to support the membership growth of I.C.E. while earning beneficial points to use.

For each referral who joins I.C.E., the Sustaining/Affiliate member will earn points to be used in the booth selection process for the following years' I.C.E. Exchange (so those recruited in 2024 will earn points for 2025). Points will be tabulated and reported out by I.C.E. staff by the deadline of February 20, 2025.


Use these resources in your outreach.

Organizational Membership

Sustaining/Affiliate Membership

General Membership Postcard

Membership Referral Instructions


Who can earn points?

Current Sustaining and Affiliate members.

How are referrals tracked?

New member must include name of individual/company when completing a new member profile.

How many points can be earned and used?

Points will be used toward the space selection point total beginning with the 2025 I.C.E. Exchange.The referred member must not have been an I.C.E. member at any time between 2021-2024. These points must be only used for booth selection booth totals and cannot be transferred to future years. 

The exhibitor will earn:

  • New Sustaining Member = 5 points
  • New Affiliate Member = 2 points
  • New Organization Member = 2 points

Will I be notified when a referral joins?

Yes, I.C.E. staff will send a thank you email once the new member has joined/paid. 

You may contact the Candice Young or Guy Nagbe on the I.C.E. membership and operations team with questions about qualifying referrals at