Institute for Credentialing Excellence

The Value of Credentialing

 I.C.E. developed these Values statements to create standardized and robust language to help you articulate the value of your credentialing program to various stakeholders. 

Value of Certification

For Credentialing Organizations, Professional Societies, Individual
Professionals, the General Public, Employers, and Regulatory Agencies

Value of Certificate Programs

For Credentialing Organizations, Professional Societies,
Individual Professionals, Training Organizations, and the General Public

Value of Accreditation

For Credentialing Organizations, Employers, Individual
Professionals, the General Public, and Regulatory Agencies

Tips on Using the Statements

You can copy and past language in your communications: website, email messaging, candidate messaging, etc. Credit I.C.E. whenever possible.


Post on your website


Distribute to your Board Members


Include in your value proposition literature for current certificants/certifcate-holders or applicant population


Include in your value statements for public oriented stakeholder audiences

As Community Outreach at ASAP-New York Certification Board, I use the I.C.E. certification value statement in my stakeholder presentations ALL THE TIME - for example, see our webinar co-produced with the NYS state agency for addiction supports, Ruth Riddick, CARC-RCP

Additional Resources

  • Value of Certification Study: Results from a research study on certificant’s perspective of the value of their certification. Produced in 2019 from a collaboration between I.C.E.’s External Stakeholder Working Group and research firm HUMRRO.