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I.C.E. offers comprehensive education and resources to empower credentialing professionals, at any stage in their career, to make effective strategic decisions and adhere to credentialing best practices with greater knowledge and awareness.

"I.C.E. has given me a real edge in knowing more about the intricacies of credentialing and connecting with others in the profession. The resources available as a member have shed a positive light onto important issues affecting my profession."

- David Jennette, CSA, LSA, RSA, National Surgical Assistant Association


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Live and on-demand webinars are facilitated by experts from diverse experiences who share best practices in credentialing program management. View All Webinars

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The mission of I.C.E.'s Research and Development (R&D) program is to better inform individuals leading credentialing organizations. Research reflects the current state of the credentialing field with new reports released each year. View I.C.E. Research

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Free Member Resources

I.C.E. members receive access to free resources that build skills in credentialing program management. View All Member Resources

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Online Courses

I.C.E.’s online courses are designed for all levels of credentialing professionals. Each online course features multiple modules with learning checkpoints that allow participants to measure success. Popular courses include: Fundamental Topics in Certification and the Certificate Program for the Credentialing Specialist. View all Courses

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I.C.E. offers handbooks that provide guidance to credentialing professionals, including the 17024 Compliance Handbook, and the industry essential Certification: I.C.E. Handbook 3rd Edition. View I.C.E. Books

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Live Workshops

I.C.E. hosts year-round live workshops to meet the needs of credentialing professionals of all levels and support peer-to-peer learning. Offerings are developed based on member needs and tailored for executives of credentialing organizations, NCCA accredited programs, and more.  View all Live Workshops

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I.C.E. supports the development of accreditation standards for certificate and certification programs. I.C.E. publishes the NCCA Standards for the Accreditation of Certification Programs for organizations wishing to seek accreditation for their certification program(s), and we are proud to publish the first American National Standard for certificate programs, ICE 1100:2019 – Standard for Assessment-Based Certificate Programs. Access the NCCA and ICE 1100:2019 Standards

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White Papers

Written by industry volunteers, I.C.E. white papers serve as a tool to inform, educate, and perhaps persuade on a particular issue or emerging trend. Free to members, white papers are quick reads that are sure to jump-start your thinking on a particular topic. View White papers

"The value that I receive from I.C.E. membership is [in] all the resources that ICE offers for each of the credentialing bodies, from white papers to just being able to network from other folks in this industry."

- Wendy Miller, BOCO, LO, CDME, Board of Certification and Accreditation


Popular Programs and Products

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Certificate Program

Gain insights into the eco-system of certification from a program's conception through its development and delivery to maintenance and improvement.

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I.C.E. Exchange

The Exchange brings together I.C.E.’s vibrant network of credentialing professionals to explore industry trends and best practices.

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Certification Handbook

The comprehensive guide for anyone working in credentialing. Find direction for designing and implementing a quality certification program in this systematic guide written by experts in the field.

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