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I.C.E. Digital Badge Program

I.C.E. has partnered with Acclaim Services to provide you with digital badges to showcase your credentials earned through I.C.E.. With I.C.E.'s new digital badge program, you can share your I.C.E. Academy course completions, membership, and accreditation status with ease! The badging platform allows you to share your achievement with colleagues, peers, employers, educational institutions, and much more. 

I.C.E. issues badges for all I.C.E. Academy online courses, I.C.E. membership categories, and accreditation status. 

Who is Acclaim?



What is a Digital Badge?



I.C.E. digital badges are proof of your course completion, membership, and/or program accreditation status. With I.C.E.'s digital badges, you can easily showcase your achievements with peers, colleagues, and employers by sharing your badge(s) on social media, email signatures, websites, and résumés. Digital badges allow anyone who views your badges to easily click to verify your credentials by providing a link to I.C.E. metadata that cannot be falsified or duplicated.

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One-Click Verification

I.C.E.'s digital badges provide our badge holders increased value to their credentials by granting peers, colleagues, and employers the ability to view and learn more about the credentials you hold with a single-click. When an individual clicks on your badge, he or she will be brought to an overview page that showcases metadata on your achievements and qualifications, as well as the process you completed in order to earn your badge. 

An overview page is presented on the Acclaim site when someone clicks on your badge:


Added Badge Benefits

An additional feature that Acclaim's digital badging platform offers is access to labor market insights. All badges have associated skill tags that allow you to click on and be redirected to search for jobs by title, employer, location, and salary range.

Learn more about this digital badge feature. 

Share Your Digital Badge!

   Share your badge on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn from the Acclaim platform.*

 Share your badge in email signatures to allow for easy verification for peers, colleagues, and employers.*

 You can embed your badge on a website or include your badge URL in a résumé.*

Want to Create a Digital Badge Program for Your Organization?

I.C.E. offers resources on digital badging, and how to use them to their full potential. Check out our Digital Badge Resource page that has I.C.E. products that can help your organization understand and develop a badge program. A number of I.C.E. members offer digital badging platforms that can help you implement a digital badge program of your own! Check out our Consultant Directory to find I.C.E. members than can help you and your organization's badging needs.

*Once your badge has been issued, you will receive an email from Acclaim with directions on how to share your badge on social media, email signatures, and résumés. 
**Digital badges for attendance at the I.C.E. Exchange will be awarded separately. Please visit our Annual Conference section to learn more. 

Have questions? Download the FAQ document for more information, or contact ICE staff at