Institute for Credentialing Excellence

I.C.E. Digital Badge Resources

ICE has a number of resources that provide clarity on what a digital badge is and how to use them. 

Digital Badge Report

This publication was designed to provide information about the emerging trend of digital badging, including: define relevant and related terms, describe how digital badges are currently being used and potential use, and pose research questions and considerations.

Digital Badging: A Strategic Perspective

A March 2017 CEO Connect Webinar focused on how certification program leaders can approach digital badging on a strategic level.

Digital Badging 2.0

This conference session recording includes a panel of presenters share honest retrospectives on their badging experience in terms of how well reality has matched their respective visions. Learn their digital badging goals, how badging is being leveraged, and the challenges faced and benefits realized, as well as data showing how well badging has (or hasn’t) been embraced by stakeholders

Digital Badging: The Currency of Choice

An ICE Digest article discussing the benefits of digital badges, including how they are used with certification and micro-credentials.

Goodbye Paper: Recognizing Professional Achievements with Digital Badges

An ICE Digest article that provides an overview of digital badges, including what they are, how they are issues, and how they add value.