Institute for Credentialing Excellence

Assessment-based Certificate Accreditation Program (ACAP)

ICE launched its accreditation program for assessment-based certificate programs in 2012. 

The ICE 1100:2019 Standard was developed in order to provide guidance to organizations developing assessment-based certificate programs. It highlights the essential elements of a high-quality program, focusing on eight main sections:

  • Program Scope
  • Organizational Structure, Resources, and Responsibilities to Stakeholders;
  • Conduct and Oversight of Certificate Program Activities;
  • Management of Program Records, Documents, and Materials;
  • Quality Assurance and Program Evaluation;
  • Development, Delivery, and Maintenance of Education/Training;
  • Development, Conduct, and Evaluation of Assessments; and
  • Issuance and Use of Certificates.

Accreditation for professional education and training programs provides impartial, third-party validation that your program has met recognized national and international credentialing industry standards for development, implementation, and maintenance of education and training.

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